What, Why, How

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Content marketing is in vogue right now, and for good reason. Luxury brands big and small are enjoying better engagement and bigger conversion rates. Why? Well, simply put – their content is more engaging and they’re telling a better story, a story not quite so glaringly sales driven. Yes, sales continue to be the ultimate goal for all of us, but there are far better and original ways to go about achieving them. Here’s a quick ‘what, why how’ guide to content marketing in 2017.

The What

Content Marketing is the production and promotion of branded content that consumers choose to engage with. From video and editorial to interactive social media campaigns; there are so many ways brands can produce content that’s valuable to the consumer and goes far beyond the realms of traditional advertising methods. We’ve seen big name brands like Cadillac choosing to tell local stories through an inspiring video campaign, we’ve applauded Mr Porter’s Journal platform that hosts interviews, travel stories and fashion inspiration and we’ve looked on in silent appreciation as SoulCycle utilise Spotify to publish playlists, attracting new customers with empowering tunes and treating current ones to their favourite songs from class.

The Why

In enticing a consumer to interact and spend time with your content, you are forging a deeper relationship and association that has a far better ‘shelf life’. You’re providing your audience with content they feel is valuable to them, and for that, they will reward you with loyalty and ultimately, conversions.


The How

Step away from the world of boring banner ads and magazine placements and into a world of exciting editorial, inspiring video and share-worthy social campaigns. The possibilities are endless when you’re creating good content that doesn’t rely on hard sales tactics, and we’re here to help if you need a little steer in the right direction.