Travel: The ‘Magic’ Marketing Tool

Industry Insights

The world of content marketing is a fierce place. Everyday influencers rise and fall, trends come and go, and more brands churn out more new content to compete with yours. But there’s one thing that will never change – our desire to travel. People will always have the urge to explore new places, or experience new cultures. And there’s always a new travel story to tell. It’s really the ultimate marketing tool. Still not convinced? Read to find out why we see travel as the ‘magic’ marketing tool.

Travel is… storytelling

People remember content that leaves them feeling empowered or inspired. And the best way to do this is to tell a good story. Storytelling may be a marketing buzzword these days, but stories are as old as the human race; they’re how we make meaning. And it’s proven time and time again to engage audiences. Travel is rich in inspiring stories and an accessible source of inspiration for your next campaign.


Travel is… visual

We may live in an attention deficit economy, but show an incredible image or video of an extraordinary landscape and you’re bound to get people’s attention. Capitalise on this with an incredible destination as your visual backdrop. Want to know more about the power of video? Read this.

Travel is… genuine

In our post-truth world, audiences crave organic interactions with real meaning. And there’s few things more authentic than a travel experience. Whether you choose to use influencers who can give an objective view of your brand or have your own travel brand story to tell, using that true journey or experience can be an effective and honest way to connect with audiences.


Travel is… adaptable

Travel can work for everyone. And we mean everyone. Even if your brand has no obvious links to travelling, the values around travel – exploration, boldness, curiosity, living in the moment – can be a perfect fit with your core brand values.


Travel is… inspiring

Ultimately, travel is just innately exciting and accessible. It appeals to the inner explorer and adventurer within all of us. Giving your marketing campaign a travel focus means the content will allow you to tap into this universal aspiration.