That Worked: Bloomon

Industry Insights


Marketing is all around us. That’s why here at Studio Black Tomato we love to chat about good campaigns we’ve seen, especially ones that have worked on us personally. In this series, a member of the Studio Black Tomato team picks out a marketing campaign that has worked on them and shines a light on why.

What Worked:
“Sitting on my delayed Easyjet flight after a weekend away, I was well and truly fed up.


I hadn’t brought a book to read so, I flipped through the only resource available to me: the free EasyJet Traveller magazine.


It was packed with travel and lifestyle articles, as well as plenty of adverts and advertorials. With time to kill, I read through pretty much everything, including a one-page interview with the founder of a new subscription flower delivery company, Bloomon.


A couple of hundred pages later, Bloomon had taken out a two-sided advert which caught my attention for its simplicity and style. Turning the page, the advert continued with a good value-added offer and eye-catching ‘fold and tear’ vouchers. I immediately went to their website on my phone, and even got a fair way along the check-out process to place an order, but then the plane was thundering down the runway and I had to go on flight mode.


After I landed the impetus had gone, and I didn’t return to redeem the offer. But, I’m now definitely more engaged with Bloomon as a brand, and have subsequently started following them on social media.”

Why It Worked:

  • First interaction was through an interview with a co-founder
    First interaction with the brand introduction was through editorial coverage, not through advertising.
  • This led to brand recognition when presented with the advert
  • The advert included a strong offer and was presented clearly, emphasising how simple it was to redeem. Visually, it was further aided by the very obvious tear-off vouchers.


By Shona O’Leary, Account Manager