Get Emotional

Industry Insights


We’re a complex lot.

Every single day we’re faced with countless pieces of information and countless decisions to make.

So how on earth do we ever come to a decision to purchase this product over that, and why are we so loyal to particular brands?

It all comes down to emotion.

It’s our driving force, our internal compass, and it’s steering our purchasing patterns. And marketers are no strangers to tapping in to the fact that emotion sells.


Every experience is layered with emotion, and consumer experiences are no different.


Mark out your product through an emotional connection, and you’ve not only fleetingly resonated with a consumer, but potentially gained a brand advocate for life.


From your sunglasses and suitcase, to where you’ve booked your holiday, your decisions say something about you. Millennials are acutely aware of this, more than any other generation previously. Welcome to the era of the “personal brand”.


So with such brand-savvy consumers, how can you harness the power of emotion to transform an impassive audience into an impassioned one?


Let’s look at some examples of marketers who have excelled at emotion marketing.



A brand that’s not afraid to push boundaries, this advert, in particular, reframes ideas of masculinity and beer-drinkers through tapping into the emotions of empathy and surprise. Have a watch, and check out Business Insiders’ spot on write-up here.



A charity advert that quite literally hits home, the “Most Shocking Second a Day Video” is a purposefully shocking, emotional watch. Created by UNIT9, it gained 21 million views on YouTube in only 5 days.




This sustainable clothing label from L.A injects humour to sell their product. And video isn’t the only way to use emotion to market your business. Even from a Google search you can see that humour is woven throughout Reformation’s brand.



No one wants to get lost in a sea of meaningless marketing. Give ballast to your message through emotion, and you can achieve unbelievable results.


Interested in more examples of emotion marketing? Take a look at our video project for The Cayman Islands, which harnesses the emotion of a experiencing a ‘perfect connection’.