Content Strategy




To enhance the launch of a new Saudi Arabian luxury lifestyle brand, &YOU, Studio Black Tomato was asked to create a striking brand video. The video needed to capture attention and communicate the essence of the brand in no more than 60 seconds. Not content with creating anything ordinary (or keeping our lives simple) we came up with a storyboard that saw the team taking 5 flights in as many days.

The &YOU brand video needed to celebrate its Saudi Arabian heritage while setting the brand apart as something powerful, new and exciting. We wanted to show a journey, both literal and metaphorical, that evokes the &YOU philosophy; the notion of transforming yourself from the inside out. The location for the video was fundamental to this. As a creative agency sitting within a renowned luxury tour operator, we pride ourselves on a collective knowledge of some of the coolest places in the world – but no one location quite fitted the bill. Instead, we decided to film in two unique locations (the White Sands Desert of New Mexico and Scala di Turchi in Sicily) seamlessly edited to effectively create one unidentifiable, other-worldly location.


Cinematic and striking visuals, alongside a mesmerising and thought-provoking message; this beautiful video successfully captures the essence of &YOU and is one of our proudest pieces of work to date.