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A drinks start-up approached Studio Black Tomato with an idea to create a tea-based, alcoholic beverage. At this stage, they had no name, no brand and no plan for launch.

Beginning with a branding workshop with the founders, we audited key trends in the category, the competition and addressed key product and service questions in order to define their market positioning and essence as a brand. From this, we were able to build the strategic foundations for the brand.

In a category dominated by passing trends: sugar free, seasonality and craft, they wanted to do something a little different. Existing less for a trend and more the surprisingly consistent quirks of human behaviour. From this a new brand and name was born – ‘Schwunk’. After naming, we built the brand’s visual identity, logo, story, website copy, design and photography.

At the heart, is the Schwunk website, which is less about the drink and more about the weird and wonderful subjects that get people talking. The site is entirely focused on the design, history and overall story behind some of the world’s most loved cups, mugs and drinks vessels from ancient tankers to modern inventions such as the reusable coffee cup.

The website unconventionally puts the focus on these facts, rather than the brand itself, which are elevated through the website’s design and navigation features. Visitors of the site can therefore learn interesting facts including what a calabash gourd is, the reason the Dixie Cup is commonly red and how the Nonic pint glass got its name. The site also rates these items in a humorous and slightly ridiculous way in the categories of volume, durability and functionality.


The idea behind Schwunk and its website is that conversation should be at the heart of people enjoying the drink, not the glass used or the elaborate cocktail recipe. Schwunk exists to kickstart conversations, and its website and cup rating system is the first step in doing this.

Starting life as an idea, Schwunk has now blossomed into a brand with an unusual name, unique ingredients and attention-grabbing site.