Pelagic Fleet



When a brand needs to apologise to its customer base, effective and authentic communications are key. For Pelagic Fleet, we created a video that offered a heartfelt apology that got audiences even more excited about their brand.

Pelagic Fleet are adventure diving boats offering once-in-a-lifetime diving experiences with great white sharks, whales and more. When the launch of their new vessel the Socorro Vortex was delayed, Pelagic Fleet came to us to help apologize to their expectant customers in a way that was authentic and encouraged their customers to re-book their trip.

The three-minute film follows the story of CEO Jorge Hauser, an underwater photographer and marine conservationist, and his dream to build the world’s best diving fleet. Through Jorge’s genuine respect for the ocean, dedication to his dream, and his own breath-taking underwater footage – this video aims to connect Jorge to his customers and create anticipation for their trip.