Set to be their biggest new product launch to date, Clinique approached Studio Black Tomato with the task of delivering an influencer-led social campaign to promote their new personalisable iD skincare range.

Our services were two-fold – to create five visually striking colour-themed events around the world, worthy of an influencer’s Instagram or YouTube channel; and to capture content for Clinique’s own social media platforms to grab the attention of their 2.5 million followers.  All content needed to be turned around and delivered in real-time.


In order to bring Clinique’s vision to life our team executed a world tour in two weeks.


The extra challenge was finding filming locations that embodied the 5x colours and characteristics of Clinique’s new products.


Leveraging the wider Black Tomato Groups award-winning in-house travel and logistical expertise, we were able to give Clinique access to places and people they might not know even existed.


We handcrafted itineraries that took groups of between 20 and 42 (influencers and crew) to the most far-flung corners of the world, taking them on a journey that consumers could follow.

Each destination matched a product colour and skin care concern. From fatigue-busting experiences like quad biking and sandboarding through the orange-hued Sahara plains of Morocco, to discovering texture snowmobiling across glaciers and the deep blues of snorkelling between tectonic plates in Iceland – we covered all terrains and brought the product qualities to life on this madcap adventure.


Shooting in total across five destinations in twelve days, the campaign features 40 globetrotting social media influencers, who between them covered 60,000 miles, each with the mission to #FindMyiD.


Our team on the ground delivered each trip back to back, with our filming crew producing all video and photography on the run. This content was then pushed out across Clinique’s global and local market social media accounts in the form of daily countdowns in different parts of the world, culminated with all content launching in stores and online globally on December 1st.


Culture connects, and this campaign is the embodiment of that truth.