Can I Look Inside Your Suitcase?

Content Strategy

Ever had that question asked to you whilst transiting through security? Imagine the world custom officers must discover underneath each traveller’s suitcase shell and the guesses they must make about that person’s packing and travelling habits. “Messy packer”, “What is this for?”, “I wonder where they are going…”

How much can you attempt to guess about someone just by opening up their case? We wanted to find out, so anonymously circulated a few of our team’s suitcases round the office and asked some questions.

Have a look yourself below and see how much you can guess about a person by looking at the contents of their suitcase.


How far in advance did this person pack?


I think it probably took about 20 mins to pack! It looks like they are a minimalist packer – practical, bringing only what they really need.


I usually pack the day of my trip or before. In the days leading up I start thinking what I will need, both for work or leisure and usually this means various panic buys. A recent example is me needing a cap for my trip to Capetown which meant having to desperately order one online a day before leaving. I tend to go out in my lunchbreaks to get everything else that I need (like toiletries, books).


Where was this person travelling to?


Somewhere cold so at this time of year (it’s February)… anywhere in Europe. 


I was packing for a long weekend trip to Paris, to visit my sister. Things you’ll always find at the top of my suitcase no matter the destination are my laptop, washbag and a magazine.



How much of a packing-planner is this person?


Each outfit has definitely been planned. It’s a very minimal suitcase but everything goes together.


I admit I’m an OCD packer, and make a packing list in my iPhone Notes at least a week before a trip, detailing what clothes, shoes, beauty products, and jewellery I want to take. When I pack, I like to have a list in front of me to tick off otherwise it would take too long!


Is this person an overpacker or a bare essentials packer?


They pack what they need but not much more. I don’t imagine them ever coming back from a trip without having worn everything in the suitcase.


I only pack exactly what is needed and never bring big suitcases or bring anything unnecessary. I very rarely forget things as I make a list prior to travelling and tick it off.



What is this person’s approach to travel?


They throw themselves into it with little caution, they welcome adventure with open arms. In fact they go looking for it.


I love travelling. The more adventurous the better. What’s important to me is going somewhere new and having a brand new experience. And getting immersed in culture or nature. I love the feeling of being able to get lost – but I also research places beforehand so I have a bucket list. Sometimes the best thing to do is get into a local taxi when you arrive and ask where the locals hang out! I avoid tourist traps and don’t like feeling like I’m on a well-trodden path – where’s the adventure in that?