For many years the pioneers of hospitality have been those who have pushed themselves to stand-out, be brave and do things differently. The opportunity for these pioneers to reinvent themselves and their relationship with their consumers has never been more important – or more urgent – than it is right now.

Black Tomato seeks to answer this luxury travel imperative with a new, exclusive strategic business offering that combines leading strategic thinkers experienced in disruptive consumer categories like technology and wellness with Black Tomato’s deep audience insight and legacy of luxury travel innovation.  

We call this new offering Beyond the Horizon. Clients will be limited, leadership dedication will be paramount, business opportunities for impact and growth in this changing paradigm will be vast.  

Beyond the Horizon will be augmented by a deep partnership with US-based brand and business strategist Jon Ardrey, who has helped the likes of Hulu, Google and Sweetgreen navigate disruptive change whilst deepening their consumer relationship. Jon has served as an advisor to the Black Tomato family of companies and so we are offering to you what we have benefitted from ourselves. Furthermore, this partnership will be delivered by the proven team at Studio Black Tomato, the creative agency arm of Black Tomato – building on their brand strategy offering and luxury travel expertise 

We look forward to sharing more information as the partnership unfolds. But we believe despite the uncertainty in the world, there has never been a better time to accelerate our efforts to create the future of luxury travel – today. We hope you’ll join us.