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The Power of Video

Industry Insights / June 2017

The power of video

It’s well charted that a picture says a thousand words, so it comes as no surprise that video is an incredibly powerful voice. So powerful in fact, that it is set to make up 80% of all internet traffic by 2019, up from 64% in 2014.

Quick, easy, engaging and entertaining: video is digestible in a way that its written equivalent isn’t. We live in a time of digital saturation, so finding ways to make people stop, look and listen to your brand – even for 15 short seconds – is an increasingly difficult task. Video is proving a master of its field, and with YouTube seeing over 1 billion visitors a month, the potential reach is huge.

As travel aficionados and lovers of the little details that really give a place its character, we have always gravitated towards the visual. Video made up more than 60% of the content created by us at Studio Black Tomato last year, and continues to grow rapidly. Why does it work so well? As a creative agency rooted in travel it allows us to uncover the sights and sounds of the world, to get under the skin of different places and meet the locals who make up the cultural fabric. Travel has a universal ability to inspire and breed fabulous stories – and video allows people to experience these things from their desk, train, sofa…

Within digital tourism, video sparks the promise of adventure and discovery, it can seed a genuine connection with consumers and resonate long after the video footage has finished. Dwell time is consistently greater than it static digital counterparts; and if it successfully captures attention, it will likely be shared. Video not only speaks way more than a thousand words, but executed well, will be seen and heard by a whole lot more.

Inspired by the power of video?
See it in action, and watch our video series created for Le Royal Monceau Raffles in Paris.

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