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Industry Insights / May 2017

The importance of telling authentic stories

At Studio Black Tomato we have seen time and time again that effectively building a lifestyle brand involves tapping into consumer passions first, before working back to create and deliver an engaging story.

Easy to do, but very hard to get right.

Brands need to captivate and entertain audiences nowadays like never before. Expectations are high and attention spans are short. Good content jostles amongst the bad as we all attempt to cut through the noise and make a connection.

There is nothing more beneficial to a brand than creating an authentic narrative with the customer, but the key, is that it’s authentic.

Audiences are smart. They know what feels intuitive because they don’t instinctively question it. They know when something feels contrived.

The best brands can tap into their audience’s interests beyond their ‘category’ and regardless of whether they are overtly promoting a product. They know what the people they care most about (their customers), care about. They know what is meaningful at this point in time to them.

Brands, or us as agencies acting on behalf of brands, must find out what the audience wants to engage with, what is current and what feels right and work back from there. Only then will we create content that is truly relevant, truly engaging, content that will provoke a reaction. If the story isn’t adding value to the consumer’s life on that day, it won’t make a difference, it won’t connect.

Our aim as an agency is to create content that resonates with target consumers. We are judged of course on the necessary by-products of clicks, conversions, sales and brand awareness but we are consistently confident of achieving the impressive engagement data if in the first place we focus on real passion points, following real research.

We add value by putting in front of a consumer, what they hope to see.

For six examples of storytelling in action see our campaign for the Cadillac XT5 crossover.


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