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Industry Insights / May 2017

How influencer marketing can work for you

Today influencer marketing has become the new advertising. But still many brands are unsure or unable to see the value in this new marketing form. Afterall, the thought of handing over the job of relaying your brand message to someone outside of your company can be a daunting prospect. But still, studies have shown influencer marketing has a 37% better retention rate than business that doesn’t come through word of mouth. Here are a few ways that show how influencer marketing can work for your brand.

Increase brand loyalty

Trust. It’s what all good relationships are built on. When travelling, we would always trust the word of a local over a guidebook, or trust a friend’s recommendation over an ad. The same is true for brand marketing. The objective voice of an influencer can give you the chance to increase an audience’s brand loyalty. It is content marketing at its most genuine. Because ultimately, what people trust most, is other people.

A new audience

One of the biggest goals in every marketing strategy is increasing brand awareness. And influencers usually come with a built-in following that gives your brand access to a whole new audience. One that is engaged. That listens and values the influencer’s opinion. Create and share content with an influencer whose values match your own, and you could reach a new audience. One that is more likely to share your content and follow you.

The cool factor

Influencers don’t just attract attention to your brand, they can help shift your brand image. Partner with a well-known photographer, and your content becomes more about art. Partner with a local micro-influencer, and your content becomes more humble and honest. Partner with someone with an inspiring story, and your content becomes more emotional. We all want to work with, share experiences with, or buy the same things as people that we like or admire. And influencers can immediately up your ‘cool’ factor in the eyes of your audience.

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