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Industry Insights / September 2017

That Worked: Airbnb + Visit Sweden

Marketing is all around us. That’s why here at Studio Black Tomato we love to chat about good campaigns we’ve seen, especially ones that have worked on us personally. In this series, a member of the Studio Black Tomato team picks out a marketing campaign that has worked on them and shines a light on why.

by Hannah Underwood, Account Director

What Worked:

“I use Airbnb a fair amount on my travels (probably a little too much as a Black Tomato employee…) and I loved it when, a few months ago, I found myself face to face with a unique listing on the brand’s website. It was for the whole of Sweden.

Inspired by ‘Allemansrätten’ the Swedish principle dictating that anyone has the right to be ‘free’ in Sweden’s stunning wilderness – meaning you can pitch up anywhere and ‘live off the land’, so to speak – Visit Sweden decided to pair with Airbnb and list some of its most stunning natural areas as part of an incredibly well thought out marketing campaign.

Rather than hotels and apartments; forests, lakes and rocky outcrops were listed on Airbnb as the ideal spots to spend your time.

Click on any of these listings and you’ll be met with insightful information, and a big red CTA button not to ‘book’, but to ‘Visit Sweden’.”

Why It Worked:

    • They Knew their audience
      As a twenty-something who is always in search of authentic travel experiences (like staying in a local’s own home, for example…), I represent a huge portion of Airbnb’s audience and Visit Sweden’s target demographic. In choosing to embark on this partnership, Visit Sweden managed to get in front of me (and millions like me) easily and effectively.
    • They Used beautiful imagery
      Strong visuals drew me in immediately, and I spent a lot of time exploring what was on offer.
    • They Broke traditional advert mould
      Utilising Airbnb’s recognisable and easily navigable layout meant I didn’t shy away from it as I would a traditional ad.


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